Company profile and quality policy

GüteZert certification company and environmental assessor of clients, Güte- and Überwachungsgemeinschaften mbH was founded in 1998 with the aim to create a competent and practice-oriented certification body in the fields of construction, transportation and services, especially for medium-sized and small companies. Due to the good reputation, more sectors and areas were added soon. The focuses of operations are, amongst others, certification of management systems according to DIN EN ISO 17021 (quality – environment – occupational safety), certification of persons according to DIN EN ISO 17024, product and AZAV approvals according to DIN EN ISO 17065 as well as technical monitoring according to the Disposal Specialist Ordinance (Entsorgerfachbetriebsverordnung) and certification according to the Train Driver Ordinance (Triebfahrzeugführerverordnung).




The logo above of der GüteZert® is trademark protected by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich with the number 398 38 626.

The quality policy and aim of GüteZert® is to prove the

  • suitability,

  • fitness,

  • efficiency or

  • quality capability

of companies, persons and products through expressive certificates. Thereby, we contribute to the competitiveness of our mainly medium-sized and small clients.

The quality of certification implementation has the highest priority; the maximization of profits is not aspired primarily. Commercial, financial and other aspects are subordinated. Our services are based on neutrality, independence and confidentiality. We adhere to all relevant requirements and aspire the continuous improvement of our processes and procedures.

This fundamental quality policy of GüteZert® is reflected within the motto “GüteZert – certificates with expressiveness“.

GüteZert® possesses different accreditations at the national accreditation body, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS). Related questions are gladly answered at our branch office in Wiesbaden, phone number (+49 6 11) 999480. A first overview about the accreditation areas is presented on the DAkkS webpage at www.dakks.de .

All clients have full and similar access to our services. There is no preference of clients due to size, prominence or other aspects (e.g., management consulting by particular persons or organizations). The type and scope of the audits and assessments is exclusively determined by objective considerations as well as by the requirements of the authorities and accreditation regulations.

We abstain from any activity, which might lead to conflicts of interest or endanger the impartiality (e.g., consultation on management systems). Internal audits are not offered or provided to the clients. Employees and committees are free of any commercial, financial or other pressures that might influence their decision and act solely on an objective base. If conflicts of interest or situations, which influence the objectivity, occur, then these need to be disclosed immediately. The senior management is obligated, if needed by integrating the steering committee, to immediately find remedy (e.g., no assignment of the affected employee). To prevent danger of the impartiality through the action of other persons, positions or organizations, possible hazardous situations are analysed within the meetings of the steering committee as well as the management reviews. If a danger like this is determined, the senior management is obligated to immediately initiate countermeasures.

GüteZert® does not outsource audits, especially not to consulting organizations for management systems. We do not certify any certification activities of management systems from other certification bodies.

GüteZert® disposes of a local branch office in Hungary for contacting and foreign-language communication. All certification-relevant activities are executed and controlled by the office in Germany. The processes and specifications apply unchanged. As affiliated companies according to the ISO 17021 are considered: Überwachungsgemeinschaft Gleisbau e.V. (association), DMB GmbH (education), GüteZert Magyarosrszag Kft. (certification) and DQB GmbH (pre-qualification). These are not consulting companies, if the relation between clients and these companies evokes inacceptable danger to the impartiality, then GüteZert® will not provide any certification services.

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